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Zachary Williams

Zach has spent his entire life reading and performing, so he is beyond excited to join the team here at Story and Song!  He previously owned Amelia Comics and Games here on the island, and has been on stage all over.  Zach mainly enjoys science fiction and fantasy novels, but he has been known to read a little bit of everything.

Jemisin is my favorite fantasy/sci-fi author today. Great characters, great settings, great everything!


An examination of extraterrestrial encounters through a lens uncommon to us. Originally published in Chinese, this work has won countless awards worldwide!

The comic series that changed everything! "The Watchmen" redefined what you could do through the medium of comics and graphic novels and set the tone for decades of stories that would follow.

The urban fantasy classic! What I believe to be Gaiman's magnum opus, Join Shadow and Mr. Wednesday as they traverse the American midwest in search of gods old and new.

A feel good love story with a fantasy twist. T.J. Klune delivers comedy, tenderness, and romance in this wonderful story of self discovery.

Fantasy master Terry Brooks is back with an entire new world to explore. Great for YA and adults alike!


text to come.

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