Riley Barna

Riley's love of reading led her to earn a bachelors degree in English literature and while in college,
she worked on projects to produce two published works. She finds that reading is a way to escape
into a new world full of adventures and when not working or reading, Riley enjoys drawing and
painting. You'll see her work in some of the new projects at Story & Song!


Bardugo creates a world that you immediately get drawn into. Her main character is relatable ... she needs to discover who she is. And as you go through the novel, you wonder whose side you are really on: good or evil. This is just one amazing book in a trilogy. The series will change your whole reading experience!




This is a story about what it means to fall in love. One summer changes the course of two people’s lives. You watch as Oliver and Elio discover their feelings for each other and grow to have a bond like no other. Be prepared to grow attached to the characters. This is one of my all-time favorite books!

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