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“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. "

Vincent Van Gogh

Story & Song is hosting events in the Art Gallery, and many virtual events, too.

All events are free unless otherwise noted. ​

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3:00 pm

Poetry with Ron Kurtz

Hosted by Ron Kurtz. Browse the newsletter for this week's selections. 

Watch previously recorded segments with Ron Kurtz on Story & Song's YouTube Channel.

Thursday, June 10

3:30 pm

Story and Song Art Gallery

Mindfulness & Meditation

Valerie Brandt leads us in a session of Yoga Nidra followed by the soothing sounds of her "singing crystal bowls." If you haven't tried it, but you've been feeling the need for calm and peace in your life, please join us! Yoga Nidra is a meditation and conscious relaxation practice intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. There's enough room upstairs to allow us to maintain safe distances, whether seated upright or stretched out on the carpet. Bring a mat if you'd like to stretch out on the carpet and a sweater or blanket, too.

Tuesday, June 29


Story & Song Art Gallery

Amelia Island Writers

Award winning authors Nancy Blanton and JR Sharp discuss methods of historical research for accuracy in character, setting, and plot. Applicable to most genres. 

See for more information. 


3:00 pm

Short Stories, Essays, & Literary Meditations

Hosted by Ron Kurtz. Browse the newsletter for this week's selections. 

Watch previously recorded segments with Ron Kurtz on Story & Song's YouTube Channel.

Thursday, June 17

3:30 pm NEW TIME!

Story & Song Art Gallery

Mindfulness & Meditation

Take time for yourself, relaxing with mindful breathing patterns, guided visualizations and heart felt positive affirmations that connect mind, body and spirit. Carolyn Engleson is a Certified Holistic Nurse and Health and Wellness Coach with an extensive background in community health nursing and education. Come learn how to enhance your feeling of well-being and calmness. .

Thursday, July 1

5-6:15 pm

Story & Song Art Gallery

Story & Song Book Group

In the late 1930s, civil war grips Spain. When General Franco and his Fascists succeed in overthrowing the government, hundreds of thousands are forced to flee in a treacherous journey over the mountains to the French border. Among them is Roser, a pregnant young widow, who finds her life intertwined with that of Victor Dalmau, an army doctor and the brother of her deceased love. In order to survive, the two must unite in a marriage neither of them desires. 


Together with two thousand other refugees, Roser and Victor embark for Chile on the SS Winnipeg, a ship chartered by the poet Pablo Neruda: "the long petal of sea and wine and snow." As unlikely partners, the couple embraces exile as the rest of Europe erupts in world war. Starting over on a new continent, they face trial after trial, but they will also find joy as they patiently await the day when they might go home. Through it all, their hope of returning to Spain keeps them going. Destined to witness the battle between freedom and repression as it plays out across the world, Roser and Victor will find that home might have been closer than they thought all along.

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10:30 am

"Virtual" Story Time with Ms. Dearsha

Join us on Facebook Live to listen to a story with Ms. Dearsha, our Children's Department Specialist. Visit the Kids page for details and featured books.

Thursday, June 3

7 pm

Online Event

"If or When I Call"

With Wiley Cash & Will Johnson

Listen to musician and songwriter Will Johnson talk with host Wiley Cash about his new novel set in rural Missouri.  If or When I Call is a story of simple moments that carry the weight of every hard thing gone by. It's a hymn to the lives we overlook in the quiet places around us, and how close we are to living them ourselves. 

Click here to register. (Free)

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4 pm

Story & Song Art Gallery

be(e) well read

Nutrition consultant and wellness coach Deborah Garrard, founder of the nonprofit wellness initiative "be(e) well serve well," browses the shelves of our health and wellness section to find books that speak to her passion, helping people heal.  Deborah will discuss The Fifth Agreement, by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz.

Free and open to all.

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