Ongoing Series

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. "

Vincent Van Gogh

Story & Song is hosting events in the Art Gallery, and many virtual events, too.

All events are free unless otherwise noted. ​

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.Weekly Events

Story & Song Art Gallery


Ongoing Series List

Story & Song presents several free programs for your enjoyment. Here is our regular monthly line-up:

• Tuesday with TED:

2nd Tuesday  • 3:30 pm

• Poetry Canteen

3rd Tuesday • 3:30 pm

• New Neighbor Nite

Last Wednesday • 5-7 pm

• Mindfulness & Meditation

1st and 3rd Thursdays • 3:30 pm

• A Banquet of Words with Ron Kurtz

Every Friday, 3 pm

• Story Time with Ms. Dearsha

Every Saturday, 10:30 am

• Old Time Music Jam

3rd Sunday • 1-3 pm



10:30 am

Story Time with
Ms. Dearsha

Join us at the store  to listen to a story with Ms. Dearsha, our Children's Department Specialist.

Visit the Kids page for details and featured books.

See you Saturday!


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Wednesday, May 25

5-7 pm

Story & Song Courtyard

New Neighbor Nite

Make new friends and exchange tips about goods and services while enjoying live entertainment, wine and beer at happy hour prices, and complimentary nibbles. Free and open to all newcomers.

old time music jam

3rd Sunday Monthly

May 22 • 1-3 pm

Story & Song Courtyard

Old Time Music Jam

If you join us on the third Sunday of most every month, you’ll hear a cacophony of sound. Guitars strumming, banjos tuning, fingers plucking away at violin strings, until one fiddle takes charge and the courtyard erupts into music without a sheet of music in sight. Old Time music played at the FBOTJ (Fernandina Beach Old Time Jam) blends traditions brought to America by early European settlers and enslaved Africans. Come listen—you might even be moved to learn to play an instrument and become part of the tradition yourself.

Free and open to all.

No reservation necessary.


1st Thursday Monthly

Thursday,  June 2 • 5-6:15 pm

Story & Song Art Gallery

Story & Song Book Group

Fresh Water For Flowers

by Valerie Perrin

Violette Toussaint is the caretaker at a cemetery in a small town in Bourgogne. Her life is lived to the predictable rhythms of the often funny, always moving confidences that casual mourners, regular visitors, and sundry colleagues share with her.

Violette's routine is disrupted one day by the arrival of Julien Sole--local police chief--who has come to scatter the ashes of his recently deceased mother on the gravesite of a complete stranger. It soon becomes clear that Julien's inexplicable gesture is intertwined with Violette's own complicated past.

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• Happy Hour  Wine Prices •

Free and open to all.

See all programs for Avid Readers, and upcoming  S&S Book Group selections. 



Tuesday, May 10 

 3:30 pm

Story & Song Art Gallery

Tuesdays with TED

Community conversation, facilitated  by a local personality, over a topic of interest following a brief TED talk. Free and open all. 


Thursday,  May 19

3:30 pm

Story & Song Art Gallery

Mindfulness & Meditation

Take time for yourself, relaxing with mindful breathing patterns, guided visualizations and heart felt positive affirmations that connect mind, body and spirit. Carolyn Engleson is a Certified Holistic Nurse and Health and Wellness Coach with an extensive background in community health nursing and education. Come learn how to enhance your feeling of well-being and calmness. .


Wednesday, March 22

4 pm

Story & Song Art Gallery

Amelia Island Writers

Come prepared to read your story to the group, or simply attend and listen. All are welcome.

RSVP to LeeAnn Shobe



3:00 pm


Story Time for

Hosted by Ron Kurtz

Browse the newsletter for this week's selections. 

Watch previously recorded segments with Ron Kurtz on Story & Song's YouTube Channel.


Tuesday, May 17

3:30 pm

Story & Song Art Gallery

Poetry Canteen

with Nola Perez & friends

* National Poetry Month *

Amelia Island’s Poet Laureate Nola Perez and friends gather to share their love of poetry, reading their own works or favorites of others. There will be a five-minute “open mic” format to read your work. Free and open to all.


Thursday,  June 2  

3:30 pm

Story and Song Art Gallery

Mindfulness & Meditation

Valerie Brandt leads us in a session of Yoga Nidra followed by the soothing sounds of her "singing crystal bowls." If you haven't tried it, but you've been feeling the need for calm and peace in your life, please join us! Yoga Nidra is a meditation and conscious relaxation practice intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. There's enough room upstairs to allow us to maintain safe distances, whether seated upright or stretched out on the carpet. Bring a mat if you'd like to stretch out on the carpet and a sweater or blanket, too.