We turn to stories and pictures and music

because they show us who and what and why we are.
 - Madeleine L'Engle

Opportunities for Musicians



“An Evening of Story & Song” was a long-running concert series hosted by Mark & Donna Paz Kaufman in Fernandina Beach, Florida after they had relocated to Amelia Island from Nashville. Over a 10-year period, dozens of singer/songwriters that they had come to know in Nashville enjoyed an attentive and appreciative audience in a listening-room atmosphere. Now, we are able to continue the series in our very own venue.



The Story & Song Bookstore Bistro is a two-story building of approximately 2,200 sq. ft. on each floor, with elevator access available. The “Second Story for Arts & Creativity” accommodates up to 125 people. There is a 10-channel sound board/mixer, stage lighting, and a 48 sq. ft. elevated stage.


Terms and Conditions

Performances are booked monthly, up to 6-9 months in advance. Story & Song Bookstore Bistro will make every effort to ensure a full house, though no guarantees can be made. Concert tickets are $20 per person, with 75% of revenue paid to our guest artists, who are permitted to retain 100% of their merchandise sales. Accommodations for one or two nights are available in private residences, with meals provided at the Bookstore Bistro.


Artist Expectations

Guest artists are expected to:

  •   Incur their own travel expenses

  • Arrive in Fernandina Beach at least six hours prior to scheduled performance time

  •  Remain on-site for at least one hour after the performance to sign CDs and allow for any planned VIP receptions

  • Perform two 45-50 minute sets with one 15-20 minute intermission

  • Engage and connect with the audience through stories, humor, banter, etc.



For more information or to request a booking, contact Mark Kaufman