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Liz Gorski

Liz has always considered books to be her friends and has collected an eclectic group along the way. Historical fiction and family sagas are favorites that have the ability to transport to another time and place. Books have always provided an escape from life's ups and downs. With an interest in art, interior design and entertaining her library has grown extensively to include beautiful coffee table and cookbooks. She formed a Cooks & Books club where friends came together to share ideas, try new recipes and discuss their latest read. Liz has a degree in art history and spent her career in the pharmaceutical industry and as a recent retiree, is looking forward to sharing her passion for books and art with her new community.

Suspenseful family saga. Did not see the twist coming which made the story that much better!

Historic fiction that details the last official presentation of debutantes at court to the Queen. A lovely story of female friendship; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sectioned by season, the editor of "Flower "magazine selected top tastemakers to share their ideas for using flowers in entertaining and decorating. Very inspirational, beautiful photographs along with many useful tips. Makes for a lovely gift for anyone who enjoys and appreciates flower and design.

Touted as the "new Gone with the Wind " (USA Today). Wonderful read, of two powerful families over the course of three generations; cotton versus timber in East Texas.

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