Connor Fasel

Connor has always had a love for old books with contemporary messages. He loves turn-of-the-century science fiction and science horror, and is an avid reader of both H.G. Wells and H.P. Lovecraft. Connor’s diverse experiences with previous jobs (as an ESL teacher, a lab assistant and in art galleries) have helped prepare him for the diverse aspects of working at Story & Song.


This series has been described as “Ender’s Game“ meets “Hunger Games,” and despite its narrative being epic in scope it still is able to provide very deeply complex characters!


A gritty, dark take on historical fiction with sci-fi blended extremely well with a gothic landscape. Impossible to put down!


The Witcher series is not only great fantasy writing, but the author’s Polish heritage makes his style and perspective very unique to other great fantasy authors like Tolkien and George RR Martin.