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Cards & Stationery

Give the Gift of a Card or Hand-written Note


Greeting Cards


Boxed Note Cards

You’ll find the Island’s largest selection of greeting cards.

Choose from fun pop-up cards, funny cards, cards by local artists and cards for every occasion.

Send a personal thank you, and "thinking of you" message.  Assorted sizes and themes. See more on Local Specialties.


Pop-Up Cards



A pop-up card is a gift all by itself!

A pop-up card won't end up in a stack of cards, but will be set on a table or counter to be enjoyed for days. Come take a look at the variety of themes and messages. Perfect for gift card enclosures.

What do creative people in business and art have in common? They carry blank books and journals to jot the ideas, notes, contacts and more. Choose from assorted leather journals, cloth-covered blank books, vinyl-bound journals in many sizes and designs for children and adults. Perfect for travelers, too!


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