Authors & Artisans

Our goal is to offer merchandise that appeals to the reading and artful lifestyle.

Story & Song Neighborhood Bookstore Bistro on Amelia Island is an indie
bookstore with a highly-curated selection of books for our community and
unique items created by local artists and authors. 
The Second Story, our gallery and program space, celebrates the literary, 
visual, and performing arts.


With the retail landscape filled with Wal-mart, Target, and online at Amazon, our tactile

world has grown more homogeneous... to us, that means uninteresting and often lacking

in quality. It’s our belief that people want better and broader choices — and authenticity.

The beauty of our venue is that we have the opportunity to present merchandise

in the store, our courtyard, and in The Second Story. There is ample space to 

showcase local art and incorporate gallery wall space with a retail boutique area.

A consignment relationship involves the author/artisan and the bookstore,

working together to meet the goal of achieving recognition for the sales of your work.

Please review and complete the form below if you are interested in

collaborating with Story & Song.

Thank you for presenting your work to us and enriching our community with your creativity.
We look forward to an opportunity to work together.